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Trust Deed

Here is an example of how a Scottis Trust Deed could make your debts affordable:

Let say your unsecured debts
looked like this...

Credit Card: �4,000

Personal Loan: �19,000

Store Card: �5,000

Total Owed �28,000

Current monthly�1,100

After a Scottish Trust Deed...

New monthly�194

New monthly repayment is based on affordability and varies from plan to plan.

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We are expert provdiers of Scottish Trust Deeds. We offer free help and advice on debt solutions and can guide you in the right direction with regards to your debts.

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Drowning in credit cards?

Overwhelmed by loans?

Does the size of your overdraft frighten you?


Why not just pay what you can afford and then write any unafordable unsecured debts with a Scottish Trust Deed?


A Scottish Trust Deed is your route to a happier future free from the pressures of debt. This legally binding payment plan between you and your creditors is administered through the services of a Trustee (usually an insolvency practitioner) and allows you to make a monthly payment to your creditors based only on what you can afford and no more.


If you�ve been struggling to pay back your debts and creditors are howling for their money, a Scottish Trust Deed will stop them in their tracks. Your Trustee will act as a go between, preventing them from contacting you while distributing your monthly payment. Unlike and IVA which will last 60 motnhs, a Trust Deed will only last for 48 months meaning whatever debt is left after the period you will not be expected to repay.


Never again will you have to make a decision between paying creditors or paying a bill, or be forced to hand over more than you can afford and then find a way to keep a roof over your head and food in your stomach that month. A Scottish Trust Deed lets you keep your house and everything you need for day-to-day living.

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